Butterfly Sandwich Pizza

Feelings detritus left in cabinets
Big self without boots on

Don’t say it loudly!

It is me who lacks subtlety in my waywardness
polarities on a fabricated spectrum
Spectrum Organics coconut oil
quinoa and sweet potato
appropriative commodity

No one is ever good.
I am not the thing.
I wanted to be “the thing?”
is the thing what we ate?
The thing our bodies are?
The body thing of rape
someone else’s adrenaline at death
someone else’s hormones
mostly girls.

“Oh, I am sad that you killed their children?”
That is not valid.
Death a beautiful process wrought by appetite.


I am a greasy man
with sunflower armpits
big sun goes down on everyone

We are all at this post-dark party

every text a rejection
post-post persuasion
standing in line for a toilet
blue fairy lights
I am the worst and I mean it.

I want all the boys to be drodgy and shy
I’m dodgy and sly
ill mannered

Always be the worst
Laziest sinner on the beach
on earth

I am too lazy to sin or think critically about sin as a socio-religious construction

I just want the free doughnuts

lol, jk,
I am only serious about not letting you down,
I am only serious about not letting you down.

I will never let you go.

I will live at your expense
I will not live up to my potential like it’s my job.

Didn’t Care

Dear nothing,

when I was nobody I didn’t care!



Can’t waste space!

Can’t waste 2,500 paperclips!

Can’t ever stop bleeding in the veins!

I love you me!



Who doesn’t have the tangles of school all through their houses?

Those who were lucky enough to go through fires?

Do you wish we had those pictures?

We can already be deleted if we want to have fun.