Went to the bank and had a pleasant chat with Fabio, he asked about the coding workshop for which I was transferring money. I had emailed Marta/Angelo to say I would be a little late but I was a little early. I took my (ever-broken) bike to the shop so I could be a little late, as promised.

Angelo was getting a ride from his flatmate. He waved and smiled at me.

Later, I was standing in the courtyard, thinking about how Angelo and I beam at each other whenever we see each other, thinking about how I have the dream residency and the dream boss, thinking about how great my life is.

Jenny, Ainhoa and I swam/danced/rowed/hopped-on-one-foot to mensa.

There was a beautiful sliver of sunlight spilling from a column. I took a picture, holding my dirty espresso cup with my pinky. Lorena came over, said:  “Instagram!” #Column  #FabricaFashion

Afternoon, working on teaser-video concepts for the BVLGARI exhibit, thinking “snake mythology, fruit of knowledge, jewellery… cackling skull with rubies for eyes… OUR HAUNTED FRUIT STAND!”

Okay but here we go: A group of older men walk to the laundromat at twilight. As it grows dark they push each other around the parking lot in shopping carts. The mood is sweet. They are having a lot of fun. They are wearing high end designer jewellery.


Noah says he will fund my first vegan restaurant, but under the condition that it is themed, and that it is called: “Spencer’s”:

– Really good food but with sad Midwestern diner styling.
– Buy everything new but pay to have black butt-grime faux finished onto red vinyl booths
– Half the lights are low-key purple for some reason and you feel like you’re going blind
– Vaguely vegan/clown themed decor
– Local artist commissioned sad clown with kale picture
– Really bad mural of cornucopia above kitchen – that is lazily clown themed somehow
– One poster kind of by the kitchen or maybe the bathrooms that says: “End Obama’s war on religion.”

Pretty much another version of “Our Haunted Fruit Stand.”

What’s Happening?

Benji’s mod party was a great success in measures of outfits, tinfoil, and dance moves.

Bridget and the Worms played their hit record collection and the Sex Headaches did a Kinks set. There was a rocker party next door.

By 4 guests were lying on the floor. Kristen, John, and I dissolved into hysterical laughter about “Our Haunted Fruit Stand” with its ruby-eyed jaw-clacking skull and $100 pear in a glass case.

Mod party

Mod Party

Mod Party