Roving down a flooded hallway with Adhit we passed pallbearers carrying mom’s coffin. They opened the casket. Dad was there, I was crying, mom got up groggily and said that in the dying experience she had a feeling of the most powerful woman in the world.

Parking on a dirt hill for a gathering where we were all to bring childhood relics. I brought Crouton, the small dog passed to me from my mom which I slept with for most of my life. 



Full Moon

A hot tub outside a garden of yellow flowers and a grand official building – apparently this is how my subconscious depicts northern Europe.

Inside the building with its polished marble floors, someone was holding a puppy whose head was falling off. They handed the puppy to me and I took off my white robe so I wouldn’t get blood on it. Standing there naked, I instructed the people around to call an ambulance. The puppy, who I realized was my old friend Crouton, looked at me and wagged its tail, apparently unaware of its wounds.

First thing I did upon waking was check my email. I was unexpectedly anxious about the Aalto decision and cried when I discovered I had gotten in.