Maca chocolate coconut milkshake for breakfast… again?

Hot, sandals, backpack, pre-packing, Despina in yellow, abandoned building with a cat, buying Aloo for later and then getting inspired to make Aloo at home, lightning storm on the rooftop, getting to see the downstairs installation by myself + saying hi to the artist, deinstalling and packing Petrichor till 3am while trying to avoid the dude who was trying to d8 me.


Lunch at Avocado, a vegetarian restaurant. Angelo commented it smelled like ginger. I had a kalamata olive oil kale juice and Angelo had the house wine, said it was good, said Mediteranean people love to eat outside and know which wine is good and which wine isn’t.

Public opening. Rooftop beers with a view of Acropolis. Chatting with short and un-sober Beligian guy and clever Italian artist (who made a winky frown rock – artifact from the #postfuture). Cigarettes on “porch” (window ledges outside bldg.) with new Berlin friends.

Acropolis, walking through a park, being stopped by a locked gate, Documenta, Angelo liked the scores by Pauline Oliveros, “Not Just Falafel” where we made friends with the owner, programming at ADAF, rooftop chats, the dancer from the best AV performance telling me I looked like Bowie, sneaking into a house show with Angelo, Partying with the curator at Teddy Bar, dancing hard with Angelo and buying all his ginger ale cocktails (which he later paid back). I’ve noticed Angelo really likes ginger. The curator of ADAF, Elli, noticed that I really like darkwave.


Maca chocolate coconut milkshake for breakfast.

I gave an artist-talk of which the main purpose was making Angelo laugh. It ended:

“In projected-future-unreality immaterial gestural interfaces have optimized the human-body to digital-communication interaction, and we’re all lithe-post-nerds on the floating-community of #risingsealevels, sending our avatar’s-avatar’s innovations to the cloud to be 3d-projected on the cloud.”

We ate falafel at Not Just Falafel before A/V shows again.


Vegan burgers for lunch thanks to nice lady who noticed me not having pizza the night before. 2 fans broke half an hour before opening (Athens Digital Art Festival, 2017). Was fine though.

People were not into the rain. I was. On my tech rider it specified that I would not install my piece unless it was raining.

A classic family restaurant by Acropolis metro. Super cheap. Huge portions. A local spirit at the end and the owner wrote our total on the table cloth. “Accounting will love this.”  

Half-enthusiastic, half art-let-down mode. Questioning myself vs. promoting myself. Pee out the prior beer, put in a new one.

Infinity room, people doing VR, one performance missed and another seen. Not going out partying, sleeping.


Nicolas got me invited to the Cyprus Biennale after party. Lukas and I had matching outfits and demeanors and snuck him in like it was our sitcom. We soon became friends with the organizers of the party, who gave us more than our fair share of drink tickets.




The place was like a time capsule of early 2000’s anti-establishment aesthetics, partially because a lot of the posters plastered on the wall were for things with anti-Bush sentiment. There was a light up sign that said “Remember Fashion” which has been my phone background since. The building had some ancient looking wooden ceiling. A nice old building, like how they are in Venice. I wish that Venice was cool and that I lived in cool-Venice.

Lukas was talking in Lithuanian with his new Lithuanian friends. We got one more drink then realized we had 16 minutes for the 38 minute walk back to Santa Lucia for the last train. We chugged our beers and ran in our glass slippers, Lukas yelling “we are gonna make it!” and we did, in 13 minutes.

On the train, sweaty and panting, Nicolas joined us, laughed at us. When we got back to Treviso we had to navigate through endless masses of drunk Alpini, each one of them trying to stop us and buy us drinks and sandwiches. One almost succeeded, asking where we were from. Nicolas replied “Fabrica,” then “Benetton,” the solider pulled three pairs of new, white, Benetton briefs from his pocket and everyone laughed.  




Noah and I went to a closed gallery, making fun of much of the art. A woman turned on the light and led us downstairs. Two black and white spotted dogs were let out of their kennel. They both had the same name but to distinguish between the two one was painted purple on the white spots on its head and butt.

The room in the very basement had lines of white light surrounding, and elegant/raw grey and white concrete sculptures were placed around the space. We put our hands through the lights and they made sounds. We ran around in circles making screeching music and having a blast.


Sarah and I went to Currents, when we approached a piece we would do rock-paper-scissors-counting and instead of making the appropriate hand-shape, say the first word that came into our heads about the art. If we both said the same word we took a shot of vodka. 1, 2, 3: Fractals… 1, 2, 3: Projection Mapping…

As with all openings it took us a while to visit much of the art itself. I was watching a (very good) performance with my idol, Juliet Myers, and giving a side-hug to the 15 or so pallies that walked by.  

A group amassed, many of whom had helped to install the show. This got us on the subject of hardware stores, and the Home Depot bucket that had been full of candy at Meow Wolf. The Home Depot bucket is perfect for trick-or-treating because of its color – it’s the adult’s pumpkin-bucket. I joked about going to the hardware store with a pumpkin-bucket, and carving “Let’s Do This” into a pumpkin. Cole and I belly-laughed until we were falling over.

Jess walked by with some cutie and said “hey.” Leo noticed my change in demeanor: “oh those people were cute!” I said it was more painful than that, then “say, remember the last time I was weeping in your arms?” Sarah and I went into a bathroom stall together and drank the rest of the vodka.

Crocket wanted to do something so we went and bullied teenagers at the basketball court, throwing a flip-flop through the hoop. We drove to Noah Devore’s, looking to form a roving-gang, but the lights were off.


It was too hot to wear a jacket, reminding me to have #summerdysphoria. My therapist greeted me in the garden, showing me his multi-colored iris. In his office was a single antique rose bloom in a silver Nambe vase. 

John picked me up to go to the Stranger’s Collective art opening, which didn’t seem to be curated, and most of the work was unremarkable. Over dinner at Paper Dosa we talked about what kind of communist bookstores I might find in Italy, and where in the world we would like to travel.

We drove back in the near-full-moon light listening to a band-made bootleg of Gauze Veil with the skyroof open.

At home Noah and I played dress up.


Raylets is a perfect, understated show. After saying hi to everyone I know (everyone), I suggested to Jess (profoundly attractive date) that we go to my house for tea and cake. I excelled at awkwardness as a t33n party developed around us.

Standing in the hallway, MC offered that this was an in between space. Jess went to the bathroom and I approached the group amassed in the studio: “I wanna make out what do I do?” I was headed to the kitchen for a drink when Sean picked me up, wrestled me into the hall, and blocked me from leaving.

Jess rejoined me post-battle and I sidled up like a mangy cat – “um… Would you like to make out?” They nodded and we walked shoulder to shoulder down the narrow hall.