“Fabricats Varsity Cross Country” (which was just Lukas and me today) went running. When we got to the bug-field where we do the other exercises I did extra lunges because a fractured scapula prevents push ups.

Walking back, we erupted into goofy dance moves when DIESEL DUDES came on my phone. Storm clouds gathered and it started pouring. We watched rain travel along the river as the storm hit.

Later Alexis, Lukas, and I went to Django for exquisite bread from the former-architect baker, who is also an angel. Also cheap local organic wine, and vegetables. Biking on cobblestone in post-storm weather we got a fancy gelato.

The sunlit afternoon apartment was too hot once again and I gave Alexis and Jonas haircuts + some of the wine “senza sulfiti”

They both left (with good haircuts) and I sauteed vegetables to put on the good bread, worked on music, and got bitten by mosquitos until it was time to go to sleep.

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