Goofy giddy like dancing on the roof at sunrise to a rotating DJ set of whoever’s phone isn’t out of battery, and everyone’s sweaty bodies hugging each other.

Lukas and I had been circling everyone with our bikes yelling: “TEAM SHARKS! TEAM SHARKS!” Doing wheelies and racing like very smart and cool interaction designers.

Earlier in the day:

  • Made a spreadsheet of possible travel plans for August with Kristen.
  • Akanksha and I laughed loudly and biked slowly from Mensa. It was a mensa miracle day. There were beans, peas, and a cous cous with mixed vegetables. “Sit down with a cold beer and write to anyone who might be able to help you with grad school funding” said Akanksha. “Don’t delay.”
  • Dani put on my desk what I assumed what a rejection letter from the Finnish grant. The letter was all in Finnish. I walked through the grass and overbearing sun to Antti’s studio where this was confirmed. We looked through the government’s job search engine and Antti said “You could work at Tacobell.”
  • Wrote every message I could think of, trying to craft an overlapping set of options for my future.
  • Biking back, getting dishwasher tablets and vodka. In the group chat (010101010101010) the Celtic bar was presented as the option. I laughed at the decorative pans and American pop music videos. We all made fun of Americans.
  • A bunch of people were doing a marathon. Lukas and I went swiftly through the finish line, yelling and laughing. We literally amplify each other.
  • The bar on the wall. The Spanish guy brought chips thanks to the Spanish girls at our table (and the Spanish language).
  • The two nordics said we had to party all night and wear flower crowns and find a place to have a bonfire, but Jonas left early. Jenny left after 2 pitchuers of Sprtiz Aperol.
  • The rest of us played “Never Have I Ever.” I have done it all. JK, I’ve never been to the movies.

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