It is very hot and I alone witness the moment of death for many small flies who line the bottom of the computer screen.

I laughed to myself about how much alcohol I consumed. When you bring only a fiver to the bar to keep from over drinking and overspending that does not take into account that everyone else is gonna wanna get you wasted anyway.

Never Have I Ever is such a transparent game, and anyone suggesting that that game be played is also transparent. “Hello group, just wanted to talk about sex and drugs in this format that permits such conversation.” “Hello other bodies will anyone touch mine tonight?”

Anyway, I am an open-blog but also think there is value to secrecy. Even if secrets are told involuntarily through our heart rates etc. 

Today I: cleaned the kitchen, made spaghetti and vegetables, journaled, feel terrible, took a nap, woke up to Alexis coming home, went out for a spritz with Alexis/Jonas/Lukas, worked on my noise track, and went to sleep.

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