XX Fabricat

It was a sunny day and I felt the tragedy of summer. Then I saw it in the form of a beautiful black cat, dead in a puddle of fresh blood on a residential street. A stranger was going the opposite direction on their bike. We made sad, serious eye-contact.

Along with being hot, the air at Fabrica was heavy, at least among those who had seen the cat. People mentioned it all day. Of course it was funny for me to see these same people eating meat at Mensa. But I understand systematic brutalization is different from a random accident, and people construct/internalize hierarchies of animals on a deep level. I also understand cats as friends and they are high on the chain for me.

When I was a fresh Fabricante there were tiny kittens by the Portineria and we have watched them grow into young adult cats over the past months. There are a few new kittens now that Graziano (guard) pointed out to Hon, Alexis, and me one day.

Jonas and I were walking at night with gelato and the trials, I was explaining how my new style of using only one arm is not only to look cool, but also heal my wing. Deniel was also hit by a car recently. He biked by, saw Jonas, then stopped to walk home with him.

Now that I’m closer to the dead cat than the kittens in Fabricat-years, my relationship with trials is less one of empathetic anxiety for them, but friendly curiosity, I guess. Something like that. Also the one from Seoul, Jang, was super cute and told me I looked like a model. In retrospect I should have tried to steal 1 kiss.

But oh! For those summer nights!

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