I had the rest of my Alpro brand soya yogurt with 2 dates and some hemp seeds, after running by the river until I saw a cat. (That’s what always determines the length of my morning run).

Bike-dad pumped up Hell-Bat and I rode to Fabrica one-armed with one bottle of prosecco in my bag (Jonas had the other two) (for our Speak Up Monday, which we did over G-Chat, in an endless feedback loop, which was funny).

In the afternoon Alberto said he wanted the interaction designers to make him a system of buttons for his needs “I want George Clooney to deliver my espresso from a gold copter.” It was a problem that I thought that was so funny because it hurts a lot to laugh.

I have 1990’s cool blue and black tunnel-vision animations whenever I close my eyes and it hurts static in the center of my headache. I have drank a lot of water today.

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