Nicolas got me invited to the Cyprus Biennale after party. Lukas and I had matching outfits and demeanors and snuck him in like it was our sitcom. We soon became friends with the organizers of the party, who gave us more than our fair share of drink tickets.




The place was like a time capsule of early 2000’s anti-establishment aesthetics, partially because a lot of the posters plastered on the wall were for things with anti-Bush sentiment. There was a light up sign that said “Remember Fashion” which has been my phone background since. The building had some ancient looking wooden ceiling. A nice old building, like how they are in Venice. I wish that Venice was cool and that I lived in cool-Venice.

Lukas was talking in Lithuanian with his new Lithuanian friends. We got one more drink then realized we had 16 minutes for the 38 minute walk back to Santa Lucia for the last train. We chugged our beers and ran in our glass slippers, Lukas yelling “we are gonna make it!” and we did, in 13 minutes.

On the train, sweaty and panting, Nicolas joined us, laughed at us. When we got back to Treviso we had to navigate through endless masses of drunk Alpini, each one of them trying to stop us and buy us drinks and sandwiches. One almost succeeded, asking where we were from. Nicolas replied “Fabrica,” then “Benetton,” the solider pulled three pairs of new, white, Benetton briefs from his pocket and everyone laughed.  



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