I didn’t write my dreams in time to catch them. Fell for the classic trick: “that’s obvious, I’ll remember that.”

Yet another Italian bank holiday.

The good dog was on the stairs but not the nice man. I patted the good dog and went inside with my groceries.

Made Tom Ka Hed. Put together some ideas for my Ssssshut Up Series. Worked on some music.

Kamille messaged. I messaged back.

It started raining. I thought “This is not stereotypical gelato weather” Then thought “The sun will come out and the gelateria will be crowded”

The sun came out and the sky was perfect and I asked Jonas out for gelato.

Jonas was still in Sweden and we chatted for a while.

I made a facebook status about listening to jazz in the afternoon sun, in a clean house, reminding me of my mom. Alexi Mexi commented. 

I made a video of a bug crawling across the table. 

I made spaghetti, verdure mista, and pomodoro for Nicolas and me.

We went out for gelato.

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