Woke up to a facebook notification of dad tagging me, Noah, and Andrew (cousin) in a comment on mom’s post about how the patriarchy is the root of all problems:

“I was talking this morning about my children’s rejection of binary gender, my model of drag performance and how it had nothing to do with my sexuality and everything to do with my desire to smash the patriarchy.”

Spent some time thinking about how lucky I am to have a hip and understanding family.

I was hungover. Had a wonderful and productive day in spite of this. In a meeting with Marta and Angelo about logistics of Athens we planned a timeline with a photoshoot for press, time for testing the finished piece, etc. Marta is giving us the remainder of the budget for food and transport “let’s make it cushy” she said. “Bring your bathing suit” she said “is that in the budget?” I asked. Marta winked.

At mensa there were crostini with bell peppers, without cheese. #MensaMiracle

Excerpts from ensuing swimwear conversation:

“…I am designing a swimsuit and the question is: turtleneck/long sleeves or topless? Either way it will be some severe-agender-beach-realness.”

C: long footie pants w skinny suspender overall straps.
M: Settled!
C: and maybe like a jodhpuri pant. and i would love to see an adustable epaulet attached to that strap ;)
M: “We’re going to the pool, which color epaulet should I bring?”
C: is this getting too equestrian? aquarian equestrian? SEAHORSE
M: ^Actually the perfect name for this new swimwear line.^
C: AQUAstrian 💀
Kate Bot: Just a body pouch. No discernable form, just limbs poking out.

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