Displaced “resident DJs” in line for housing/foodstuffs.

Definitely something with elephants! Like hanging out with them and hugging their trunks and thinking about what they symbolize in dreams, halfway lucid-dreaming.

I think I could be happy in a lot of places. And I am happy here. I have felt nostalgic about Fabrica since before I got in, basically.

There are some things about where we were raised that are fundamental to our reactions to the world. Like today, at Panorama, out the window I saw the golden hour illuminating storm clouds and intermittent rain. I sighed audibly, like someone in love.

This is my absolute favorite weather, and it is probably because I’m New Mexican. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see rain as something other than a treat, regardless of how frequent it is wherever I’m living.

Xtian messaged. I had seen the pictures of them, Sarah, and Angelo at White Sands. My favorite people in my favorite place. “I’m at the point here where I feel like I have close friends, and that people love/accept me, but I miss you all! I can only dream of how fun it will be next time we’re all in close proximity.”

If I could just work as hard, or as reasonably, as I possibly could, to make my dreams come true, that is what I would do. Okay, good thinking. Will do ;)

The frontier.

How do you make the most kick ass tracks? I guess you just gotta sit down at the kitchen table and do it. Or wherever “the studio” is. I guess I just gotta spill out the hit records that are waiting in me like a dance move. Waiting in me like a dance move. Find the small movement and make it big.

Before sleep: I can’t believe that I have feet and that sometime my flesh will be gone and my bones will be gone

Sidenote: My feet are smaller than they are. They are so tiny. They defy physics.

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