Antti, Akanksha, and I stood under the archways in the center of town, admiring sunlight filtered through rain, sharing a beer. We decided to go to my place before the show so I could make everyone dhal, rice, and salad, rather than just have alcohol for dinner like all of us had been secretly planning.

Leo joined us. Antti sharpened my knives, then laughed the hardest I’ve ever seen him laugh as he altered the toy from a kinder surprise that has been sneaking into all of our beds.

Carlo came, I played Los Saicos. Nicolas complained we were being noisy and we left. I wrote Nicolas a quick fb message apology, saying I’d buy him a gelato.

Carlo gave us a ride to the party, where they had a terrible sound system and hadn’t positioned the speakers properly. I danced extravagantly. People came up to me like I was famous, mentioning my set from a few weeks ago. “You’re a legend in Treviso now” said Leo. I giggled. I love feeling famous. 

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