Xtian is going through their yellow phase, and wants a big yellow hat.

Me: Noah and I were talking about our next DJ sets. Noah was like “dark and angular and blue” and I was like “that’s so funny, I am going warm and fuzzy and yellow.” (The playlist where I am collecting tracks is titled “gold dots.”)

Then I was thinking about how Noah and I both get visual migraines and both think about music in terms of shape/texture/color and am like “yeah, through-lines” and also “how do you study this like a science-boy?”


Also been thinking about the next life step

what’s next, who is Filardo

Me: Yellow set is def black and yellow and dots, but some silver blips are sneaking in so it’s maybe just rich-minimal-dark.
I have an afternoon-sun playlist that’s fierce-yellow though.

“Golden hour on the beach”

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