Found myself looking into another blind spot at my desk.

Went to get a coffee.

Met Leo’s cool friends, who Ainhoa was showing around because Leo was home sick. I described the interesting color palette going on in my field of vision, which was probably actually not at all interesting to anyone else.

Sound had an extra layer of reverb and everything smelled kind of “sunlight.” Everything felt very bright. I had a confusing time sorting through the echo in my voice to tell Angelo what was going on.

He took me to Monica’s office, who said I shouldn’t see a specialist because that’s expensive, but that I should go home and rest. “She is a doctor” said Angelo. We rode the bus together. The aura dissipated and the headache kicked in. He asked how I was doing. “I can see!” I said “I still feel confused but it’s kind of fun.” He said he liked the “glass half full” perspective.

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