On the way to the bus stop I saw the small dot, thought “uh oh,” then said hi to friends. I described how the aura was expanding, zig-zagging, and sparkling, then walked home, took off my shoes, and crawled back into bed. Actually first I ran into Carlo (Django) who had just had blood drawn and was ready for breakfast.

Lying on a bed on a cruise ship. Worried the dog who had jumped in had died. Realized I was dreaming.

Carrying too many coats in parking lot.

Making out with a girl at some artist studio. 

Everyone looking at enamel pins of hollyhocks. The white ones reminded me of human spines.

I noticed in my dreams there was no blind spot, which made me wonder how the visual cortex is used differently waking (in migraines) versus dreams.

Afternoon at Fabrica, filling out the rest of the project cost spreadsheet with Angelo as Quentin finished up technicals. #blessed.

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