Castles in dreams.

I have a little sunburn and I’m feeling giggly after a big beer.

I felt at home at the health food store. Picking out fancy groceries like purple kraut and a little jar of spicy chili, using up my Fabrica allowance on groceries instead of eating out.

I guzzled kombucha in the sun, carrying a bag of bottles on my back. I made a seitan burger and a salad with show-offy micro greens. Silvia came home, then Alexis. I sat laughing, looking at my phone, saying “chairs.” (My status “collect all the tote bags to win, Alex: “totes” Christian “what do they need tote bags for in Milan, me: “chairs?)

After Kenzi and I got home at 4:30am I slept until I woke up without an alarm, not worrying about being late for my Benetton shift. I felt refreshed, waking up at noon, doing some push ups, eating crackers, sipping strong black coffee.

Chatting with Leo about how I don’t like doing stuff that I don’t want to do. I’ve done stuff I don’t want to do at every job ever and I don’t want to anymore! 

Went out around 1. Saw Aalto and Eindhoven exhibits. My favorite was “Unreal Estate” and Fillip’s guided virtual visualization.

I am lying on a white bed, listening to the new Arca album, and the sounds of Alexis typing, thinking: “I am enjoying not being real.”

Alexis and I went to Akanksha’s couch-surf house-party. After the bros there started a “guitar concert” in the living room Alexis and I left.

The biggest warehouse squat in Milan, which has moved from equally iconic abandoned-buildings multiple times (before they had some tower, maybe a castle, now a prison or something) and which had a line outside with hundreds of people, carefully controlled through a system of hand-stamps, a gate with a lock and chain, and people yelling to enter slowly and without stampeding, also has a communal vegan kitchen. (Or something like that, my ears perked at “vegan” when Roberta was telling me more about the place).

Alexis and I patiently waited outside the gate, and eventually got into a Mecca of screechy techno and minimal lighting. We devised systems to communicate with friends lacking cell phone battery and contending with security and dominated the palatial dance floors on arrival.

We left when Jenny felt sleepy (5am). As we waited for the overcrowded and therefore free nightbus, Ainhoa saw two people with flowers in their hair, and shrieked “so beautiful!” They gave her and Alexis the flowers and then everyone got night-sandwiches.


“That’s a really big sandwich”

“It’s my wedding day”

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