Xtian: sent is the future
it’s like ancient and also the great unknown
M: Perceptual fields > corporeal form
Also double-plus limbic system
I think often about how who I am is armpits and roses and I wonder if the scent will be a time capsule or if it will continue to be me for a long time.
Xtian: In theory you could harness the scent!
M: With like, a little bottle? A shirt? Lol.
Today it smelled like lilacs at Fabrica and the field was full of dandelions. A magpie flew up from the field as I was riding a stolen bike and the whole experience was so beautiful it made me want to cry. Which was cool and funny (I haven’t cried since Cash died?) I was actually thinking about fragrance then, like how could one possibly chose between rose, lilac, or lily, in terms of an overpowering flower smell.
Xtian: Perhaps something new comes from all of them together in different amounts! You should make it!
M: With salt and armpits and those little pink flower weeds… and petrichor. But how does one capture petrichor?
Xtian: God, I don’t have any idea
they make it i suppose
by like
using dust and
M: The piece I made that’s debuting in Athens is called Petrichor.
Xtian: It’s a great name
Yeah I guess it’s something in dust but you can really smell it with concrete also
Xtian: which is its own sort of dust in theory right
i guess you could like
heat up dust in water and boil it over dry material
and the steam would rise into the dry material
and you’d like let it sit in the steam for awhile or something like this
M: That’s a good idea! Especially if the dry thing was a porous stone that already would be kind of dusty.
Xtian: right!
i’ve also tried cooking things on a high but low temp it’s a very different sort of smell you get
it seems like a harder thing to do
things smell much more full
if that makes sense
M: Totally. Like how things taste round when you cook them on low forever.

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