Dream: Benji painting cardboard cutouts at an entrance slapped together from scraps. Old Meow Wolf feelings neon and junk, old wood. A party in the night.

I applied for a 3 year, €1600 per month artist grant in Finland, which I wouldn’t say I’m exactly qualified for. For one thing the application was in Finnish, for another you needed a Finnish bank account number to apply through the online system. But according to the rules I was eligible to apply otherwise.

Being me, there is no way I could have gotten the thing in by 4pm the day of the deadline by post (also, hell is the Italian post office. Everything cost €50, they only take cash, there is a guaranteed hour long wait, and then they scowl at you when your Italian is bad).

Then Juho printed and hand-delivered my application. We orchestrated all this as I was finalizing the application, with a huge dazzling migraine and the smell of the white roses that Sam had just placed on my desk  (with a wink and a “congratulations.”)

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