Xtian sent me a picture of the Colors Magazine book, the same book happened to be sitting on my desk so I sent one back to him.

M: Adam Bloomberg said he stopped taking photographs like the ones in Colors because you can’t break the performance of culture or the power structure of photographer vs. photographed, then he did anti-war photography by making soldiers in either Iraq or Afganistan take rolls of light sensitive paper around.
Also, the curator for photography at TATE Modern gave a lecture about photography as performance which was sick!
Xtian: Damn, and they just had that giant Tillmans show
too legit really
M: I know! They’re making up for not having taken photography seriously in the past.
Xtian: Oh def, yeah now they are trying to get all the “guys”
how does it feel today?
M: Spotify recommended their playlist “Electronic Avant Garde” to me and I am enjoying it! Ha ha, does that make me a plebe?
Xtian: fuck no
it’s probably good
it’s like a computer beating a grandmaster at chess
it’s a computer
it’s like 98.5% right
the playlist might lack how do they say? “The Passion”
M: Spotify’s algorithms are really good. They base it off of user playlist data.
How is Santa Fe today? What it is like sitting on a chair with Colors magazine or w/e?
Xtian: Santa Fe is the funny winter vibe
here comes spring
now it’s winter again
I worry for the sunflower sprouts, but today I am particularly happy.
I got some film back that had some nice images on it, that interview seems to be well received, and my longtime Canadian internet friend is coming to visit me in mid April!
happy happy
M: Here’s a photo of me and my buds!
Xtian: Oh my god looks so sick
No one is wearing yellow though
you gotta enjoy the fancy pizza
M: Oh don’t worry, I will enjoy it. I always have fun and then don’t do work after. My problem is that I have to convince future-me to not go out for more drinks after the free ones and to do work instead 🙂
It will be hard because future me will be tipsy and sociable
Xtian: DUDE
i love
partying with you
M: We need to b partying right now!
Xtian:I know
happy camper!
M: ha ha, I have definitely complained about this before but the beer in Italy is not molto benne
Xtian: vino
its about that there
grand crue
or the bubbly?
M: I don’t know I don’t really get it with wine, I don’t know what I am supposed to like about it. Except I love and drink a lot of Prosecco, as is the custom in Treviso.
Xtian: <3
M: Maybe I just like fizzy drinks, ha ha-
Legend has it that the fountain of a lady in Treviso used to have prosecco come out of the boobs during the big annual party here.
Xtian: oh my god
i want to go there
what is like
the hard liquor they drink?
M: Grappa
Everyone looks at you weird when you order it because they pretend it’s an “old man” drink.
It’s made out of like, grape vines and rodents I think.
Xtian: i will be the one wearing yellow
i can order the old man drink
M: H aha ha!
Xtian: If I wear a full Benetton suit and I get interviewed then it’s like a sure thing right
M: No, wear a Benetton rugby uniform
Xtian: hahaha
The italian rugby team was cool this year
M: There are rugby fields everywhere here. I am always peeing in them at night.
Xtian: they like tried to like trick the english team and shit
ill get in a fucking scrum
break my arm just to try out the free healthcare
M: Good thinking!

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