New moon. Woke up a little before the sun/alarm. Drank lemon water and yesterday’s coffee and did P90X. Made a breakfast sandwich with leftover mushrooms/onions and did Duolingo rather than clean the crumb-covered-kitchen. (I feel like a mom, I cleaned it like 5 times over the weekend, up after every1 else).

I took The Sabotager to the bike shop and he (the bike shop) again asked if I had been in an accident. No but this was the third time the same problem has happened from simply riding the bike. He said it would  be €35, I gave him a look like “I don’t trust that you will fix the root of the problem.” He glanced at the bike and sighed.

I rode little reliable Jenny-bike to Fabrica with furious energy, going super fast, slowing down for a duck, going super fast again, slowing down for people walking a dog, going super fast again.

I felt so high when I got to Fabrica. Like light exploding from my body. Uncontainable energy. Then I remembered I had put a Vitamin D3 patch on this morning.

Got into Athens Digital Art Festival, #postfuture, out of 1830 submissions from 67 countries.

Went to mensa early with Kendra and Gianni. They taught me how to play basketball. We played basketball. It was fun! I was mostly into the reverb of the dribbling on the opposing building. Kendra and Gianni called me “vampire kid.”

Monica Faggin walked by and asked “Why is M with you?”

Everyone sat in the sun and Ainhoa took pictures with her broken camera that makes everything look dreamy and beachy.

We had to choose clothing from Benetton to go with our Designer Box window displays, I chose a pair of white boxers and a pair of black boxers… (get it… BOXers???)  “um, this is the kind of look I would wear, like to the grocery store, or, um, on a date…”

Ainhoa 2

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