How photography changed identity
Everything is drag.
Genuinely really performing being someone else.

After the Simon Baker lecture (Tate Modern, Performing for the Camera) A big group of us cycled back to Treviso. I got Kendra/Mattia to drive my computer and caught up with the herd of blinking bikes. Quentin and I raced whenever there was a wide path. We all went to Bottegon.

Leo said not to tell Carlo we had been at Bottegon. According to Italians in the know they use our spritz money to fund fascist endeavors (thinking about the nearby “Skinheads TV” tag I wondered if they were connected…) Fuck!

“We should all stop going there and go to Trevisi!” I said, at Trevisi, which is non-fascist place where they play jazz rather than imported/outdated top-forty and greasy-weiner-karaoke-classics. Also the elegant bartender gave us free drinks.

“It’s so hard to get people to break habits” Leo replied. Challenge accepted. Angeles and Kenzi stopped by, said hi and that they were meeting people at Cantinetta. “Bring them all here” I said. They didn’t.

I talked with Stefano, who is arranging the gig on Saturday. “It is a big deal to be invited to play here” he said “this is the most well known underground venue in northern Italy.” “Look at the flier I made in MS Paint” he said.

He emphasized that I should play on the experimental side, upon hearing the stuff on my mixcloud he said “maybe a little less experimental.” I asked if they also wanted me to VJ, that I could do some generative animation with a depth sensor. He said last time they had a spinning logo. I asked if this was a paying gig. “We are getting sponsored by a Chinese restaurant!” I requested that they get vegan options ;)

Leo and I went back home. I made the midnight spaghetti I had been dreaming of.

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