House sitting for an assortment of dogs and cats, accidentally let them all out and they charged past me.

Dad asking about when I’ve done drag, if high heels and false eyelashes are painful to wear for that long, I said yeah. He wondered why anyone would voluntarily identify with female gender roles.

We were sitting with Jessie Parker, Kristen, and Deyla. At a dream-composite house similar to Jay St. Everyone talking about their problems. I changed the present into the future by narrating what it would be. Jessie getting married to a girlfriend, everyone living separately but on the same property like a commune. I didn’t know what I would do though.

I was playing with a modular many-legged table, black and white, one section plugged into the next. I was talking about the design and the saying it would be a pain to dust. No one heard me as they all went outside to smoke.

I was driving on a mountain with a middle age Japanese man and he just up and died. The clouds above us were magnificent. There was an overlay of narration, something about how he was the kind of guy who would just up and die.

Oh, and walking back from somewhere thinking I should do drag to Beyoncé’s killing me softly. Did Beyonce actually do a version of Killing Me Softly? I didn’t look it up when I woke up, and still haven’t. Everyone knows if I did drag it would be to Pharmakon.

Lately I’ve been listening to “Hal0” while walking home and when it drops I  sprint and it’s really fun.

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