I missed the early bus because I had left my tooth next to my toothbrush and Alexis was showering. I rode Mensa Bike all flat to Fabrica and passed everyone else who was biking on non-broken, adult-sized bikes. I finished the second round application for Amsterdam Light Festival and got it in one minute before the deadline.

Then I picked the color for Designer Box clips.

Then I had a cigarette.

I edited video until Mensa and went late to Mensa and it was relaxing. There were peas and the salads had corn and tomato and it felt fancy.

I forgot about the Imago Mundi Skype call but Jonas reminded me and then I went and it was SOOOOOO BORING. It took about 40m but could have been summed up in “can we know what the space is like?” “Not really.”

There was one graphic design trial from Romania. He brought Prosecco.

I was considering getting back to work when Lorena posted that she and Jonas had brought everyone gelato.

Xtian: Weekend plans? Birthday+
M: Everyone is tryna dance in Venice at a warehouse squat, but only if the music’s cool. C is in town and maybe I will steal 1 kiss 😏
Wut u?
Xtian: OH MY GOD M
we all know that when you steal a kiss
it’s not just one
M: Ha ha ha ha ha
Xtian: hahah
M: That’s how I get ’em, I’m like “we could share just 1 smooch and that would be enough for forever…”
oh my god
giant horchata vodka illusion
Horchata vodka illusion infusion
M:I just changed everyone in my Fabrica group chat to “Carlo”
Lorena (queen boss of social campaigns) says make your letter of intent more punk.
I’m just over here in design like: “hi my name is Carlo and I’m a professional.”
I was doing work like how we do in the design department and then social campaigns brought everyone gelato.
They’re “more punk.”
Xtian: im so punk
you know me
you know
im the real Carlo

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