Everyone’s good mood is echoing. This morning Nicolas announced “SUMMER BITCHES!” in the agora. It feels like the first real day of spring. “I keep getting bursts of intense happiness” said Lorena. We biked to mensa together. Marco, Gianni, Alexis, Lorena and I chatted about school sports and pop idols. I walked away singing “Crush on You” (because Lorena kept Aaron Carter in her locker). Ha ha ha, the literal Aaron Carter – yes he was big, but small enough to fit in her locker.

Whistling “Crush on You” startled Maurizio, who was walking through the window nearby.  (Can every groundskeeper do this, or only Maurizio?) I smiled at him, he looked perplexed and continued walking.

In the design studio I found out that everyone had been whispering about my shoes all day. A meeting was postponed. Jonas hovered around, then left.

I heard Alexis squeaking up the stairs and knew it meant Designer Box. Daniel and I sketched together. I brought an adjustable clamp over to mimic its function and forgot it on Angelo’s desk. Later I stood in the agora laughing.

What if I just started bringing random objects to leave on Angelo’s desk? And he would be like “why is this here, where did this come from?” I would stand in the corner, tongue hanging out, wagging my tail.

Drew came up to me and asked why I was laughing. He said I should start stealing other people’s stuff and leaving it on Angelo’s desk.

Later, at the March-birthday-people party, I was standing in the kitchen, laughing about this again. And here I am weeks later, writing about it and holding back giggles as Alexis eyes me suspiciously.

Before, Jonas messaged me and asked if I was going to the “senior party” I said that being a senior myself I wasn’t planning to stay late… the crossword puzzle wasn’t going to do itself. 

Angeles said “It has been a hard week, tonight we drink.” “Celebrate hardship by poisoning yourself” I replied, and instead of going home right then like I had been thinking of doing, I drank, DJed, and led an impromptu dance class.

As we all left the others got into a taxi “what?” I asked. They were going to another party. “No way!” I went home for an early morning tofu bhan mi.

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