How did we even get to Django? There was some local Italian hip hop in the main zone. Akanksha got me in and Jonas bought me a beer because I didn’t have any money. Observing that the music was cringeworthy I left to hang out with Leo and Carlo in the bookstore area. The others joined us outside at a picnic table in between sets. I asked about where to throw my birthday dance party. Jonas sat down next to me, we talked about how we were tired. “We could just leave” I said, and we did.

I walked Jonas home, he offered me a beer. We sat across the table from one another and talked for an hour or so. He walked me home. 

The next day Alexis, Nicolas and I went for our traditional hungover-flatmate pizza, french fries and gelato. Alexis posted a photo of Nicolas with matching bun and ice cream.

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