When I got home I was thinking “I had a really good day” when Alexis came in and said “I have bad news.”


I awoke at 7:07 to a message from Angelo (Harmsworth) saying:

m won’t you make some recordings for me to put out ?!?!?!?!?!
come on let’s get circus
i’m talking compact disc release (CD)

I responded: “ding ding”


Past-me had deep-done-the-dishes, shined the stove, taken out ALL the Non Secco / Carta (in 5 trips up and down 4 flights of stairs) and prepared a pot for to make coffee while sleepy last night. Current me was grateful.

Did P90X, made oatmeal as Jacopo stood in the way, biked to Fabrica, worked in my secret studio. Antti came up and gave me unsolicited advice. Angelo came up and I showed him my progress and we talked and Angelo is a perfect angel whose feedback simultaneously motivates me and boosts my morale.

After mensa (oversalted soup, I’ve got to not fall for that trick any more) I got help making renders for Designer Box, sent them to Sam. 

Imago Mundi meeting in the lounge with Marta, Giorgia, and Angelo, followed by the revision of our presentation, all on the same couch, and the rapidly realized unrequited lust of sitting next to the most beautiful smell in the world (Jonas). I’m an animal.

I biked home late and in the rain. Bus 1 splashed me and I heard myself say “oh” then continued to sing along to my music. A few seconds later I took in just how wet half of my body was and laughed out loud.

Well practiced stoic reactions.  

The bad news was that my designs were similar to others that had already been done by a famous brand, so I had to come up with something new. Not so bad.

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