Today I was writing to Bea in my dream, saying I missed her and telling her what I was up to. I woke up to an Instagram message from Bea, told her I missed her, and what I was up to.

I had a brioche and a cappuccino for the first time (THE Italian breakfast) because it was being paid for by the Japanese film crew. (I got up early to be on Japanese TV in four years, because Bebe the Fabricanti is also Bebe the Olympic athlete).

Quentin used neutral pronouns for me and I felt happy and understood.

One of the film crew people had the best outfit and I stared at them. Àngeles and I giggled about who was cute. It was cute. Cute is my new word I guess.

Made monsters all day (Bertjan Pot workshop). Drank coffee and felt like 6 hours of sleep and a broken REM CYCLE. I gave Akanksha half of my thermos. She said I made really good coffee. I said that that is why I am a great date. Then added “also my skills at sex.”

In the afternoon several people came up and laughed at me, said they had seen me dancing. I don’t even have a strong memory of dancing, probably because I am dancing anytime I think I am alone. Marco started laughing in the studio and pointed up to me

Everyone was draping-themselves-over-the-furniture-level-tired after the workshop. It was cute. (There I go again).

I walked home and it took two hours (longer than normal). Lorena passed me on her bike and said she recognized me from far away.

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