I was pretty deep in dreams when my alarm went off and my 5 minutes to go in there and find them again turned into an hour and a half.

“You’re only late once” I thought to myself “you might as well take your time.” I took my popped-tire bike to the repair place, went back upstairs, made coffee, and did DuoLingo.

I borrowed Ainhoa’s bike and rode to Fabrica listening to Patricia, thinking about the problem of dressing myself with the mounting dysphoria of warm weather. Maybe I will just wear body shame and sunglasses. Or maybe there is an ephemeral jacket that will save my life and I’ll get model skinny and fucking ripped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the morning I moulded my concept for Imago Mundi. Midmorning I had a deep-in-thought-cigarette and then went upstairs, where I opened Max and played around, achieving nothing, until it was time for mensa.

I sat next to Akanksha, she said it was time to really party next weekend. I asked about logistics and it comes down to this: We got to Carnival, take the last train to Vicenza, and party until the early morning train at 5 or so. Sounds like hell.

Post-mensa I peacefully continued work on my prototype. I thought we had an Imago Mundi meeting but we did not. I ran into Angelo, who looked at me like “Why are you always walking to and from weird places with sunglasses on?” He asked if I had concepts for the new brief, I said yeah, I asked if he did, he said he was working on them.


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