Angelo and I walked back and forth between my new studio and the workshop, setting up my next prototype. It is so peaceful there. We worked fluidly and silently, save for the unfurling of painter’s plastic. “I love that sound” I thought it, he said it. He rotated the foam cubes we were using as stands to make the view more aesthetic. He said he bet anything Stefano would come inquire as to what we were doing (Stefano being the reason we were protecting the floor with both plastic and a trough).

Back in the studio after mensa I found out I had been accepted to the second round of the Amsterdam light festival. I forwarded the email (+ the rejection from Arte Laguna). Marta chirped her congratulations and the whole studio applauded. I said I may not get into the final round. 300 people were accepted into this round Angelo said, 30 will be accepted. “Oh a 33.33% chance” I said. “Yeah, we can do it” Angelo replied, and he told me to forward the email to Stefano as well.

We were standing outside, talking about how the main things I’ve done at Fabrica have involved boxes “year of the box, new horoscope” Angelo said. “Are you happy?” he asked. “Yes, very” I said. Well practiced stoic reactions.

There was a short meeting for a new (exciting) brief, after which time I tried again to fix my iphone (to no avail) and laughed to myself as I walked back and forth to my studio, listening to music, and fb chatting with Noah as I filled and refilled a watering can from the bathroom sink. 

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