It was fun for me to ride the bus yesterday but I did a great job of not catching it (the combination of waking up late and stovetop espresso doesn’t work for that) so I rode Ainhoa’s bike, which was good because I had to spit out lumps of snot on my journey.

I get to use the showroom above Monica Faggin’s studio as a prototyping space and am deeply excited. Angelo greeted me this morning and we talked about putting down plastic to protect the beautiful dark wood floor.

As he checked emails I added my project to the “Speak Up Monday” presentation that Kentin (Kenzi and Quentin) organized. This is their idea to add interdepartmental transparency/connectivity.

I went to facebook to download the Jitter bible that Federico Foderaro posted in the CC4AV group. I saw a post of Akanksha’s about Berghaim opening a new basement dancefloor and commented “when r we going/will the neighbors complain?”

Then we both got really excited.

Angeles emailed me asking if I would be a butt model (since I bike so much) for ARS Fabricandi. So Akansha and I will be the butt models. Ha ha ha. “How’d you get such nice asses?” – “Climbing fences”

Walking to mensa, I talked with Leo about how her idea could be done using generative 3d animation and depth sensors. She had LEDs in mind. I told her what I know about programming LEDs or pixel modules. Said Angelo may know more, having just sent an email explaining ta new storefront concept where an LED array changes color based on a live feed of twitter hashtags.

At the point when the afternoon sun was most beautiful Angelo led me to my new workspace. Glass objects on perfect tables beautifully displayed for no one. And I’ll have my own elevator, ha ha ha.


Human-y feelings.

My new home is:

(the smell of)

afternoon sunlight on a dark wood floor

in a secret room


Today as the sky went from blue to deeper blue there were bird sounds I hadn’t heard before. Does this mean it’s spring? “It’s a big day today” Daniel said.

Quentin just rammed into Silvia, who was holding a giant pillow.

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