Woke up before it was not-dark and snuggled with Kamille. Nothing like someone else’s soft skin and warm body. The comfortable way limbs intertwine when you’re not quite awake yet.

She followed me around the apartment as I got ready, wearing the purple United Colors of Benneton blanket.


“You look like an empress”

She looked out the window.

“I am enjoying my new empire.”

“Of trash?”

(our balcony is still covered in holiday cheer)


I’m so tired everything feels see through…

Eating unreal pasta at mensa…

Interesting, I am on the other side of this pasta, and this pasta does not exist.


Submitted to 3 open calls – Ireland, Netherlands, and Greece. My budget for the second round of prototyping was approved. I spent an enjoyable afternoon listening to Song for Masahiro and watching fan review videos. “You know I love braided cabling, so that’s a big plus for me.”
Kamille wrote and said she had a fun day smoking with Jacopo, eating panini, having a drink, exploring the city center, buying warm tights. Made me feel relaxed.

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