After Mensa Googs led Akanksha and I to a locked gate. We were running late for a meeting with Modular Space.

We climbed the fence, a guard stopped us, we asked him directions, he gave us directions.

Walking on the side of the highway (no way not to) all fierce, like it was our runway (no way not to). Stopping for more directions and for the smell of espresso. Getting yelled at by a mechanic.

Modular Space is huge and has Funktion 1 speakers. The people organizing the parties gave us a beer. Said 300 bodies in the space didn’t feel crowded. We would need to pull in €3000 of guests to make a worthwhile night. Akansha talked about getting Absolut to sponsor us.

When we got back to Fabrica we found out how much trouble we were in. Apparently climbing the fence triggered an alarm system that had all of Benetton and Fabrica looking for us. I wonder if security cameras had caught me ironically flipping off the Benetton campus. After a meeting with Monica Faggin (to receive a slap on the wrist), and a phone call with (saint) Marta I wrote an apology letter to Carlo (C.E.O), Sam, and Angelo. Sam and Angelo laughed. Months later, when taking a design department group photo Sam asked why we couldn’t just climb over the guard rail . “You can get in trouble for that sort of thing here” I said. He winked at me. 

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