It got dark
We got drunk

I was going to walk to Modular space, had the map loaded, pockets loaded, was loaded. Got a message from Ainhoa, went to Kenzi and Quentin’s (Kentin’s). They were drinking coca-cola-wine. They insisted I come with, to Django, my sore butt posted on the back of their bikes. (My bike, the Sabatager, was broken, as always)

A hug or two or three from every friend. The people at the door remembered me. There was bad Italian metal, we all danced. I got Kenzi on my team. We ordered a taxi to go to Modular Space, it never came. Kentin left. Leo found the dream Italian boy and went back inside for to pursue. (Turns out it was Carlo who I had chatted with before, he’s an organizer at Django who works with refugees by day). Ainhoa also went back inside. Jenny and I followed. I tried to lure them with me, then walked away.

Gotalittlelost. Phone out of batt. Found a fluffy thing on the sidewalk. Later saw one in a luxury store window, on a belt.

Got my backpack from Kentin’s. Plugged my phone into the mobile battery pack and sat on the stairs. After 20 minutes or something phone still didn’t turn on. It was 4am. It was cold. I ran home and dove into my two beds.

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