There was a basement in Cash’s apartment/Ghost Ship that no one knew about. I went into it and scooped up 40 or so sleeping bats in my arms. I dropped one as I tried to bring them upstairs and I think it hit its head and died, but I had to keep going to try to save the others.

The bats started to wake up and fly around. A girl with short black hair, who lived in theĀ apartment, was freaked out. I was focused on containing the bats in one room, on keeping them safe. Those that had emerged from slumber turned into black kittens (except one that was orange). They were stumbling around… just opening their eyes.

Before transforming one of the bats telepathically told me that the group needed to go through the passageway underwater, that they couldn’t exist in this world for long.

So I went with the group underwater, into a dark river of a different dimension. All the spirits had turned into glowing fish, then… streams of light.

Writing about the dream makes cry. (In a little Bar by Fabrica, on my way home).

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