Holiday Cheer

Before the holiday break I bonded with Angelo (Semeraro). He is intelligent,  gentle, and quiet but a surprisingly uninhibited dancer. We cut the rug to 1950’s pop music at the American-themed-company-Christmas-party.

For most of the two week break I was in close quarters with Nicolas’ charming and overwhelming parents. Our balcony is still overflowing with their holiday cheer…

We had Isaac, Shek, and Juho (the Finnish dude who traded rooms with Antti over break) over for Christmas brunch. Isaac used our washing machine. An offensive Christmas tablecloth remained for longer than was comfortable.

Nicolas’ mom speaks perfect English, having spent 14 years in Connecticut, and his dad doesn’t know a word outside of Greek. The dad and I smoked silently on the balcony as the mom maintained a perpetual cycle of cooking and cleaning, refusing to let son or husband assist.

It was difficult for her to feed me as much as she would have liked (“Doesn’t your body need meat and cheese?” “As long as you’re healthy that’s all that matters…” “But what do you eat for eggs and meat?”) she did offer me a lot of breadsticks, tea, and cheek-kisses, which was sweet. I mostly hid in my room.

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