Ali said he tried “Doggy,” had to quit drinking for 2 or 3 years.

Antti “2 or 3?”
Me “My first word was “doggy”
Ali “Ha ha ha ha ha”

I saw Ali with his hat on in illuminated-Treviso, post-holiday-break. I was getting some kale at Natura Si, he had an H&M bag. Then I saw him at Valetine’s Baazar, I was buying gloves, I think he was also buying gloves.

I Didn’t know Ali was internet-famous until he presented his project “Everyday Iran” at Sssssssshut Up Series. 

Ali drinks Cocoa Cola at Piola and when I saw him at the bar with the Dutch girl (when the Dutch University was buying all of our drinks) he said he wasn’t drinking… but he was, maybe, falling in love. 

I was making fun of Ali for falling in love, asking “When is the wedding” when we were the only people on the bus.

Ali was telling me about going to the Netherlands when we were at the American-themed bar, at the American-themed holiday party. I was drinking a big beer (American style) and he asked if he could give me a hug. “Of course” I said, “It’s all I want.” (Our first time saying hi since the Oakland Fire). He had given up drinking Coca Cola in favour of “big beer” that night.

“Do you believe in anything?” Ali asked me, at Mensa, sometime later “absolutely not” I said. “Good” he replied.

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