It was super quiet for 7pm at Fabrica, then I discovered that everyone was in a room laughing, eating cheese and christmas breads and drinking. No one I asked knew why.

Angelo told me how to ask if I could get a Prosecco for my friend in Italian, and I brought a glass to the Social campaigns department.

Shek and Jonas were also biking home, I proposed to them that we stop at the little place by Luciano Benetton’s house.

The tiny restaurant was full of Italian men with thick white moustaches. We sat in plastic chairs outside drinking Prosecco as the owner smoked. A person zoomed by on their bike and I commented that they were going fast for not having headphones on. Jonas played a Scooter song from my phone and said you could bike to Fabrica in ten minutes if you were listening to that.

It was misty outside and we saw Akanksha jogging. Then I saw Quenton and someone having an intent conversation at Bottegon but they didn’t see me. The person with whom Quenton was drinking was a dreamy French architect.

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