I was out for a spritz with a group of Fabricanti. The air was cool and misty, which contrasted the warm glow of candles on tabletops, and the feeling was relaxed. I woke up to Alexis gently reminding me it was time to get up and told her I had just been with her in the dream. Then I actually woke up and was like “whoa, Inception!”

At lunch Isaac said that now whenever I have a spritz Alexis is going to wake me up.

Midmorning I helped the Maurizio put a thing on top of another thing. The Fabrica store was cleared out and all that remained was a blue dolly with a blue log.


Sylvia said that when you go to Mensa early there is cake. Isaac, Alexis, Coralie and I walked to Mensa talking about how there would not be cake. BUT for the first time ever, in my 1.5 months + two weeks prior,  there was something vegan other than pasta, it was couscous with vegetables. I was elated. For the rest of the day I felt anything was possible.

Angelo did a project where he made up a rumor (the first director of Fabrica was coming back) and told it loudly at the espresso machine, then timed how long it took to get back to him. Our lunchtime gang tried to think of rumors that struck the right balance between outrageous and believable. Here’s what we came up with

  • Alexis making Stefano (IT guy) cry
  • (intern) Giovanni being (CEO) Carlo’s illegitimate child
  • Me being arrested

The people on trial did their presentation and brought Prosecco. We all applauded.

I thought about how the best art is jokes, and how much I love (and have always used) secret notes. When I was on trial I left a note in a drawer, hoping it would become a secret lineage of communication from one trial to the next. Because I live upstairs from the trial flat (and everyone who comes seems to blow out the circuit and then ask for my help) I was able to see that this has come true. This kind of localized communication gave me an idea for an app.

I am excited about developing this idea further, but of course I am already pursuing a big idea. I’m so in the big idea now that I can’t see it now and I have clue what it is about or why I am doing it. Get ur head out of the vapor, child!

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