1 Wish

I am too lazy to go through the critical thought it would take to answer a “one wish” type hypothetical question in a clever, righteous, or meta way so I guess that makes me the kind of archetypal character who foolishly uses their one wish to make all water sparkling water.

As I danced/hopped down the stairs at Fabrica to refill my water bottle, I thought “I wish all water was sparkling water” and I looked outside at the rain, wondering if it too would transform. Sparkling rain hits the pavement and oh! What a sound! Can you imagine?

There is free sparkling water with my free lunch at this job where I am working on the type of project I used to work on after work. You can get 1.5L of sparkling water for .15 at the grocery store two blocks from my free apartment.

This is such a long post and if I were scrolling by I would assume it was political. Nope, I just wanted to let you all know that amidst this terrifying civic climate, where everyone is talking about real threats to people’s rights/the environment and what we can do about it, I just used my one wish to turn all water into sparkling water, even though I can already have sparkling water basically whenever I want. You’re welcome!

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