Have you ever had 109 pimples and no place to put them?

Were you ever asked on the street, “sei un pittore?” Endlessly and responded: “si! Chiaramente!” Each time?

(Balancing a beer on the bucket tied to the bike and singing Taylor Swift, laughing that you are the type of person who gets Taylor Swift stuck in their head and then sings it while toting paint and locking themselves out of their apartment).

I am clearly a painter, 12 L of white strapped to the lil bicci on a Tuesday night.

Mosquito bites on the bottom of my feet and maybe these itchy forehead pimples also come from a bug, or several.

Trend alert: bug bites on knuckles.

I wake up to scratch my feet and face and blow my nose and think I have a cold – actually I’m just cold… but the bugs aren’t. They rely on me for their life blood and I rely on the money my friends and family gave me to buy more paint.

Wildest dreams oh-oh-oh!

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