Dry High

I woke up to have some of the French fries they were offering on the airplane, but found we hadn’t yet taken off (and no one had any French fries). 

Concept: someone does something on an airplane

They handed out chocolate covered wafers and I held mine, so confused, eventually deciding It was fine to eat a non-veegs tr33t because it won’t make a difference and it doesn’t matter, and then I didn’t eat it.

The taste of a “premium German beer” from the thin lip of a #5 plastic cup and the sun coming through my bottle-green glasses. It’s a dry sort of high, all wheat-colored and the memories are playing because this time I cheated.

After a gate change, we were all standing on the bus and not rubbing our shoulders for like half an hour as a man in the coolest outfit put yellow tape on some small door on the outside of the plane. “At least he doesn’t have to tape the big door” someone said. We all laughed and took pictures.

The woman next to me spoke so rapidly in German and I smiled at her so big. The Australian priest by the window made some joke and I laughed so big.

As the plane is landing the sun is strobing warm light on my black lap.

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