I went to see Kristen’s performance and pick up all the rip-stop nylon that the Joann’s in Albuquerque had. Kristen, Jesse and I went to an Pan Asian vegetarian restaurant in a strip mall. Kristen did pull ups on a bar mounted from the ceiling at Gold house. We brought noodles back to Bella at Gold House. Kristen and I hugged in the street. 

I dropped the nylon off with Sarah and went off to meet with MC and go to Darcy’s party. Darcy said she feels like we’re family, like I’m her cool younger cousin. A hairdresser came in and offered MC and me weed. We drank an orange liqueur drink that Darcy made outside. I got hugs from the people I grew up seeing at the parties my dad brought me to. Ramon, Ramon’s son. A tipsy older guy named Pedro told jokes and laughed uproariously. We made facebook friends and it turns out he’s insufferable. 

Angelo, Noah and Emma came, Noah did hype as men played harmonica, Noah walked out of the party with a bottle of wine.

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