From 8am my buzzing list was an ocular migraine, black coffee in a green cup and a closed-eye couch-conversation with Alexi Mexi. The colors were green heavy, saturated, with blue and yellow zig-zags – not as astounding as last Saturday’s combinations.

Last Saturday’s migraine was striking: deep, underlit navy with near-white sage, lines of hot pink and neon yellow, forest green outlines and strobing red segments. Before forming a typical halo the shapes danced together like plant cells or organic underwater interpretations of baroque jewels.

When I was done with my migraine I had toast and my mom made me Irish breakfast tea with soymilk. “I could guzzle this stuff down” she said.

Fedex came to the open door and handed me my visa. My mom commented: “you look like Gumby.”

Last week everyone tried on my Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses, and they looked especially good on Sarah. I had ordered new ones after deciding that my old (new) ones were permanently lost. I had left them at Rodney Mullen’s birthday party house, texted everyone to ask for them back, and left a note at the house to no avail. Then, just now, they found them, and I get to give them to Sarah! I went to a film office and found them in a box in a hallway. Also in the box was a bottle of sparkling water.

I went to Trader Joe’s to buy sparkling water and beer. I drank nearly the whole bottle of Gerolsteiner while driving to the food stamps office and my phone (who was telling me how to get to the office) ran out.

I went home, made quinoa with vegetables, and looked for flights to Italy as my phone charged. I called the food stamps office, saying it had been 14 days since they said they sent me the EBT card. They said they hadn’t sent me an EBT card, and that their office was closed.

I went to Meow Wolf and finished charging my phone, walking in the rain with Sarah and Benji. They got food at Lulu’s Chinese, made small talk with the Russian waitress, and tried not to touch the glowing orb in the little plastic fountain.

I ate the second half of yesterday’s Jerk tofu sandwich and we all drank beer until it was my turn to use the laser cutter.

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