For the past two weeks I have been working 7-12 hour days as part of Sarah’s Meow Wolf costuming effort. This means I hang out with my friends and solve creative problems all day. We have dance breaks to go with our lunch breaks.

As the day goes on Benji and I become more prone to chanting. Last week, after we finished walking the dragon across the street we yelled “Ding da ding ding! Ding da ding ding ding” and we both knew what it meant! And it was easy to peer pressure one another into drinking a beer while painting outside. And the fridge, of course, was full of beer.

I have been having Adobe Illustrator dreams and an easy time collecting migraines. I sold my futon and credenza, then slept on the not-yet-sold bed frame. I have been getting excited about getting excited about moving out of the country.

Sarah is the best boss, she communicates the right amount, and gives me appropriate creative control. She also gave me a raise. “You can name your Italian bike Sarah” she said. She bought us jerk-tofu sandwiches and we kept the laser cutter company.

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