A Good Opportunity

My mom usually knows how I feel better than I do. “You seem depressed lately” she said “Oh, that’s what that feeling I’ve been feeling is!”

Before, Italian visa issues were an opportunity to work on improving my skills before heading off to Fabrica. I was supposed to be there in June, and for the 2 months following that I was patient and optimistic. It was nice to not have a job and to work on my projects and skills toward my own interests. It was like an accidental summer vacation. I just lived off of a travel-points credit card and figured, when my visa issues were resolved, I would use my $700 a month to pay off this debt and build my credit further.

When Monica, the administrator at Fabrica, said she would be on vacation for the month of August I tried to arrange a phone call between her and the head of the Italian consulate in LA.

The problem with the visa has been that the consulate says Fabrica needs to provide some official paperwork from Regione Veneto and Fabrica says “No we don’t.”

The other American, who was on trial the week after I was, has actually been there since June. The Italian consulate in New York didn’t have a problem with the paperwork Fabrica provided (nor did the Chinese, the Iraqi, the Australian, etc.) Anyway, the head of the Italian consulate in LA was on vacation.

I took this as an opportunity to get a job so that I could pay off my debt from living, surprise my mom with as much money as I could ($500-$1000, depending on how good of a job I got/how much longer after August I would be here), and to buy a pair of recycled acetate, Zeiss-lensed round sunglasses once in Italy.

I looked for a job, I found a job, and heaven knows I’m miserable now.

Before, Italian visa issues were an opportunity to improve myself and my skills. Now, I am working a service job and watching as the months are cut off from my residency. A year with a paid month off is now a nine-month (or less) residency with less time to develop those projects I had been imagining for the past 3 years that I’ve wanted this residency.

The part of my optimism that cracked is leaking out a viscous fluid and it is drying bitter.

This is a great opportunity to get bitter and depressed. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Okay, I’m done. Thanks for letting me get that out, dear blog.

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