I sent a group text: “The fun thing to do? Okay!” Later I rocked up to Jay St. with a bottles of both Prosecco and Gerolsteiner. Angelo was listening to music with David Grey. I sat down and drank Gerolsteiner and listened to music with Angelo and David Grey. It was dreamy. I was in love with both of them.

David Grey and I sat on the couch and he learned that I had recommended him for his last gig. He thanked me. I said I was glad the gig wasn’t below him, he said it had paid rent. He almost went off to be the head of the graphic design department at CalArts but then came in second place. “We should go clubbing” he said.

We popped the Prosecco and Angelo asked if it would be possible to do a gradient tattoo. I got excited about having an ombre tattoo that goes from my skin tone when pale to my skin tone when tan, so that it changes with the season. Noah and I high fived over our new matching tattoos.

Everyone was siphoned off into whatever else and Angelo and I played with his drum machine app/a series of pedals. He recorded the result. I put on my jacket. I thanked him for letting me crash his party. We talked for a minute more about vegan shoes and New York. We hugged a second time and he said I smelled good. Rose and armpit?

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