In the morning, on Facebook, neighbors from Jay. St. were saying they missed me and asking where I disapeared.

Xtian and I went to Savers, then Goodwill, then Salvation Army. Xtian got a couple of vintage cameras to play with then flip on eBay, and a Pristine 70’s Synth. I got a MIDI controller with a pitch-bend knob – just what I’ve been needing.

We went to Betterday where a cute person I had never seen before was reading. I spent the duration of my coffee contemplating approaching the person. To every friend I ran into I asked “Do you know that 100% perfect person sitting there in all-pink?” No one did. I ended up approaching them and introducing myself. The cutie’s name is Hank, he just moved here to study at St. Johns. Hank has a sweet smile. “Maybe I’ll see you around” I said, and left.

I went to the gym, worked on a weird beat and made pizza. Then I went to Scuba’s new “Dispatch” opening. Lightning and fireworks outside.

Fonzi and Miles approached. It was pouring rain. Everyone played ☐☐☐☐ in the rain.

After the ceremonial end to the evening (roulette ball) Jess Gantos collected bouquets of balloons and I drove Xtian/MC to Jay St.

Before lights were even turned on, Fabian appeared in the hallway asking for a cigarette. Xtian said “Whoa dude, who are you, how’d you get in here?” I hugged Fabian and said I was sorry for his loss. We went outside. He started sobbing. His friend, a brother figure, had committed suicide live on Periscope. People egged him on. The details of the story make the grief more heavy. I just kept hugging him and rubbing his back, saying that the only option you have with grief like that is to go through it. The only way to counter horror is love and kindness.

He said he was glad I was still on Jay st. I laughed and said I wasn’t. He said he wished he was here under better circumstances. I said that when I come back from Europe in 3 years we’ll have a big party. He asked how Romy was, I let him know about her transition. Fabian was surprised, then said “oh that’s cool, way to go” and said to send his love. He glanced at the house and said that his friend who just died had once filmed a sex video there. “New lore for 1606 Jay St.!” I said – “which room?” Turns out it was mine, formerly Winter’s, now MC’s.

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