I ran into Sheb in the beer section of Whole Foods and he said “you drink beer too?” Then I ran into Caroline and I said “you’re buying 3 boxes of popsicles too?”

After the show  (Low on High, at Skylight, with many friends) Noah and I were enjoying eating toast and watching Rick and Morty. I did a rare thing and cancelled on going to ☐☐☐☐. Then I got texts from all my friends to come to ☐☐☐☐, so I did. 

Iceshelf (mobile gallery) provided light, music, and a space to keep the candy, whiskey, and a thirty rack of Tecate. The cops came and told us to keep it down, not killing any of us because our group was mostly white.

Some of my friends had done cocaine at a party over the weekend and I was disparaging their decisions. Crocket chimed in that using cotton is as bad as the drug war and therefore I was a hypocrite – I retorted that I exclusively buy second hand clothing from brands that are transparent about their labor and supply-chains. Just because some evils are more easily avoided than others doesn’t mean you should do cocaine.

Eventually this won’t bother me as much. When I was first researching the meat and dairy industry (AKA the systematic brutalization of non-human animals) it was hard to reckon with the knowledge that people I love could know these facts and not become vegan. Now I’m like “Peace and love. Everyone makes their own decisions.”

Peace and love. Everyone makes their own decisions.

I made the decision to stay up until 5am, playing ☐☐☐☐ and roulette ball with the posse. So when I woke up to 95* weather with a poisoned dot-head I let myself have a languorous day. I made a lentil bolognaise in the slow cooker and cleaned the kitchen while listening to the most recent Sam Harris podcast on free will (or the neurological lack thereof), which is one of my favorite topics.

Then I sat on the couch and read articles on my phone. In researching the neuroscience of gender I remembered that there’s a pay-wall to access most of those poorly-worded scholarly articles and that much of this research reflects larger societal biases. Big-white-educated-man-science does a bad job of objectively examining gender.

The lentil bolognaise was deep, smart, and had a good sense of humor.

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